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Re: Election Campaign - you know its coming!
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Erin O’Toole’s office gave nearly $240,000 worth of taxpayer-funded contracts to Conservative insiders in his first six months on the job, Global News has learned... For the last six months of Parliament’s fiscal year, ending March 30, which roughly corresponds to O’Toole’s first six months as leader, several contracts were awarded to Conservative insiders or entities with close ties to O’Toole’s leadership campaign including:

    => $83,000 to Jim Ross who was in charge of the O’Toole leadership campaign’s field operations. Ross is a senior consultant with a firm called ElectRight which provides voter contact services to candidates and campaigns.
    => $72,000 to ex-MP Alupa Clarke. Clarke was a Conservative MP from the Quebec City region who won in 2015 but was defeated in 2019. He subsequently became O’Toole’s leadership campaign chair in Quebec.
    => $30,000 to strategic communications consultancy Pathos Strategy whose principals are Dan Robertson and Dimitri Soudas. Robertson play a key advisory role in O’Toole’s leadership campaign and was subsquently hired by the Opposition Leaders Office (OLO) to provide communications advice. Soudas is best known as Stephen Harper’s longtime communications aide and Quebec advisor.
    => $20,000 to Katarina Homolova, a public relations advisor who worked in the OLO when Andrew Scheer was leader.