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Re: Election Campaign - you know its coming!
« on: July 21, 2021, 12:53:44 am »
Can somebody offer a top-level synopsis of WTF is going on with the Green Party?

member Gorgeous is right in terms of the faction rift within the federal Green Party (it would be insightful for the DumbTagger to explain why he tagged the member Gorgeous post... as Dumb - what say you, hey member squiggy?)

in any case, notwithstanding what's been going on 'behind the scenes', the public events and timeline leading to the departure of Green MP Jenica Atwin are well understood and documented.

per CBC - Fallout from Greens' feud continues as party opts not to renew top adviser's contract:
Fresh fissures opened after Green MP Jenica Atwin directly challenged Paul's position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Her tweet followed one a day earlier by Green MP Paul Manly, who said the planned removal of Palestinian families from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah "is ethnic cleansing."

Noah Zatzman, senior adviser to party leader Annamie Paul, responded with a Facebook post stating that Greens "will work to defeat you and bring in progressive climate champions who are antifa and pro LGBT and pro indigenous sovereignty and Zionists!!!!!"

that faction rift within the Green Party appears entrenched and {somewhat relatively} longstanding. As published in 2014 in the 'Canadian Jewish News', Why Iím no longer president of the Green Party of Canada

My recent experience has elicited comments from many in the Jewish community who tell the same story. They too started out full of hope that they might be able to make a difference when it comes to protecting the environment and furthering human rights. And they too could only stomach so much abuse and unbalance regarding the prevalent approach to Israel for so long before finally leaving.

Despite this unfortunate episode, I still believe one can be concerned about the environment and human rights and at the same time support the State of Israel. In my mind, that hasnít changed. What has changed is I am now convinced one simply canít do so within the confines of the Green Party of Canada.