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Re: Commonwealth Culture
« on: March 09, 2021, 11:06:23 am »
The monarchy is nothing but a tradition, and birthright is only one aspect of it.  There are many others.

Prince Andrew has been relegated.  There is nothing the RF can do, the matter is criminal and not up the RF to do anything about it.

As for H&M, they made a lot of misleading statements.  Archie can have the HRH title and all the perks that go with it when Prince Charles becomes monarch.  There are specific rules about grandchildren of the monarch having titles.

Also, I believe conversations were had about the colour of Archie's skin and I believe there was animosity in the palace with the Sussexes but I don't think it necessarily follows that the animosity was because of skin colour.  If there was, Queen would not have even agreed to the wedding, would not have spent $40 million on it and the palace wouldn't publicly release photos of the Queen with the couple and Meghan's mother.

H&M sound very angry that the palace didn't allow them to keep their roles part-time and they know their only future is through their brand.  Harry says he hopes to mend the relationships and that he has so much respect for his grandmother but his actions show a very different story.  I don't really trust their motives.

As for Canada, unlike all the other commonwealth nations, we have this specific tie to the Crown because our national identity is one of loyalists who stood and fought for the crown when the colonies that went on to become the USA were trying to conquer us. 

Quebec notwithstanding of course, but the crown plays an existential component of the country of Canada.  Personally, I'm proud of that tie and would like to keep it that way.