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Re: Changing the Oath of Citizenship
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Look, I've been disrespectful to you. So I apologize. What I'm trying to understand is the nature of your opposition to changing the oath? Do you value the tradition and believe it should be an unchanging text? Are you concerned that it elevates indigenous peoples above everyone else in society somehow? Honestly, I'm sorry for being so short with you, but help me try to understand your objection.

My objections aren't exactly strenuous. I think the miserable state of existence of natives in Canada is a national disgrace. It ought to be the number one priority of any government, of any part of the political spectrum, to fix it. Unfortunately, I can see no way of doing that while maintaining the reservation system that keeps natives as separate people, not quite Canadians, living out in the boonies where there is nothing for them to do but get drunk, fight and fornicate. Making immigrants swear this oath will have little practical affect, but what it seems intended to do is perpetuate the attitude that the treaties are forever, the reservations are forever, and natives will never be Canadians, like everyone else. I don't see that as being in anyone's best interest, most especially that of the natives.
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