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Re: Changing the Oath of Citizenship
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The "natives" don't see themselves as Canadians like any other and they're not. They had their own culture and political systems in place before European settlement here. They made agreements and in most cases those agreements were not made in good faith by the Europeans and that's never been reconciled. I agree with most of what you said, but the conflict is in this fact. The indigenous peoples aren't just another group of Canadians.

But the problem is if they're not just another group of Canadians, what are they? Bear in mind that rural Canadians economic existence is predicated on the fact that towns and villages grew up to serve the needs of farmers/lumbermen/fishermen/miners around them. The economic incentive to go there came first, in other words, and sustains those areas. There was never any economic justification for the location of native reservations, and there still isn't. Take all the natives out of a rural reserve and transfer in a bunch of white bread Canadians and the place would be a slum within a generation. There simply is no way to live a modern life there. Living off government handouts turns people into welfare lifers who, as I said, have nothing to do but drink fight and fornicate. The reserves were established at a time when everyone figured all the natives needed was a spot of forest to pitch their teepees. Well, natives don't want to live in teepees and freeze their balls off in the dark. They want electricity, clean running water, health care, modern education, and all the other benefits of modern life. But they can't produce anywhere near enough to support that living out in their uneconomical reserves. Nor can we afford to drastically increase their funding, especially since their numbers continue to grow.
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