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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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meanwhile... the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society & the Assembly of First Nations, per their key spokesperson, agreed to, per her words, "press pause" and work toward a negotiated settlement; one, outside and separate from, the prior CHRTribunal findings/directives. Geezaz waldo, those First Nations representatives are undercutting the shtick of drive-by, sniping, wannabe Shaman member eyeball!
Sure. Meanwhile $10 says the reps you put forth as examples catch a lot of sniping from their own people.

In any case,You seem to be oblivious to how often I reference Ottawa. 1st Nations don't negotiate or sign treaties with political parties.  That said repeat serial canine seducers like Justin Trudeau deserve a good drive-by. You can pleade 'yeah but but but... whatabout everyone else blah blah blah' all you want. Meanwhile you know how it goes, its the party in power that assumes Ottawa's dog face and has at it - you buy it you own it.

In a discussion I had about being self- governing with indigenous friends I've known for decades it was said we really need to get better control over our own self- governance.   
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