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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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Certification could lead to a single major settlement, including Canadian Human Rights Tribunal compensation

How many more years will that take another 5, 10, 15?

the waldo busting your narrative was soooo sweet! That you're left to resort to nothing more than cheer-leading for failure... that's gold... that's gravy!

'seducing the canine, indeed!'

Yup, that's what I said.

revel in your alternate reality - you wear it well! Meanwhile, in the real world, as evidenced by the government's certification of those class-action lawsuits, appropriate compensation will be the end result:

Quote from: Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller & Justice Minister David Lametti
Consenting to certification marks a step forward in negotiating a settlement to compensate those harmed by under-funding of child and family services on reserve
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