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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
« Reply #225 on: June 13, 2021, 12:56:18 pm »
They were here first...for the umpteenth time.
and this means what... exactly in regards your repeated calls for a, "rewrite of the terms of Confederation and Constitution"... that, as you say, "Canada reConfederate". Means what exactly?

That we weren't here first. Are you stupid or just a slimy Liberal trying to be disingenuous?

Get lost in any case.  You have no business being in a discussion involving official accountability. Absolutely no business whatsoever.

yours is such an odd uncalled for reaction to a respectfully (multiple times) asked request for you to actually address your most broad calls to, as you say, "rewrite the terms of Confederation and Constitution"... that as you say, "Canada reConfederate" - how strange that you would react so!

you're the one speaking to a "rewrite of terms", yet, for some reason you choose to insult rather than offer some degree... any degree... of particulars/details of those terms that you personally would expect in said redo/rewrite! You're the one repeatedly speaking to the need for accountability - but apparently only for others, certainly not of yourself - yes?