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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
« Reply #225 on: June 13, 2021, 01:46:54 am »
I don't think any of us should be surprised by these mass unmarked graves.  We've already known this happened a lot.  It's like all of a sudden this has become real for a lot of people.  Why do we need unmarked graves to be discovered to know what we already know and cause outrage?  We should already be outraged.
Nearly half of Canadians never learned about residential schools as students: survey

Add to this the number of Canadians who forgot or don't care. I also wonder how many new Canadians are told ...."oh and by the way"... during their orientation, not many I suspect.

Democracy is annoying sometimes yes.
Yeah almost as annoying as justice.

If you're going to change the entire political system there will be questions.

I'm saying if our policy makers are random then so will our policy.  There will be no voting and no input from the public.  People will be powerless, and public opinion won't sway policy makers because they aren't elected.
Well you know me. I'd probably trust the legal details to experts but just ensure they incorporate the normal human values you can expect a couple of thousand ordinary Canadians in various assemblies to bring to the table. One for each province and territory let's say.

What do you mean change the entire political system? You make it sound like I'm taking about deciding to be communists or something. What changes do you imagine people will notice in their day to day lives?  I still think fewer lying politicians will be the biggest thing.  You're afraid you'll be forced to learn a 1000 official indigenous languages or something?

Also, do you think 100 years ago citizen assemblies would have treated residential schools any differently than MP's did?  I doubt it.  It's not like MP's were more racist than the general public back then.
I have nothing but contemp for this sentiment and attitude. I think 100 years ago that everyone, and especially our most important institutions, knew better than to behave like unconscionable ****. They knew full well, let me repeat that, they knew full well, that doing unto others as they'd have others do unto them was the appropriate way to behave. You seriously imagine it would be impossible to give this  better expression in a 21st century re-Confederation?

Only if we leave everything up to politicians and their effing parties.