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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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Hence my suggestion Canada re-Confederate now that a more accurate understanding of everyone's legal rights, responsibilities and placement in line exists - 1st Nations, the British Monarchy and us.

asking again:

some perspective, if you might indulge: as an official B.C. provincial government website states, indigenous peoples in British Columbia (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) make up ~4% of the population of B.C.. More pointedly, "There are 198 distinct First Nations in B.C., each with their own unique traditions and history. More than 30 different First Nation languages and close to 60 dialects are spoken in the province.".

as I interpret there is no commonality of views/positions held within/across the most disparate First Nations - relatively recently, that has become most pointedly evident given differing views/positions expressed by First Nations in regards the 'energy file'.

so, particularly given this most disproportionate ~4% of the population number of existing Indigenous peoples in B.C., what starting reference points might you consider for, as you say, the rewrite of the terms for Confederation and the Constitution?
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