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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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Nope, it's bang on.

In one breath you say"justice should be served" and in the next you say "we need to learn to live together" and get into tone-policing protests, which displays a stunning lack of awareness of how the former drives the latter while also being an incredibly privileged take from someone with no skin in the game.

Anger is a part of any healing process.  My point was we can't live our entire lives being angry, especially at things that can't be changed, like wanting colonizers to go home.  If eyeball wants to spend the rest of his life being angry at Canada and disavowing it the only thing that will do is harm himself.

If he's angry that 215 dead kids were discovered and wants justice I support that, it should make us all sad and angry.  I'm not talking about a bit of anger or outrage I'm talking about long-lasting bitterness and resentment that eats away at us deep inside.
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