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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
« Reply #180 on: June 08, 2021, 04:17:54 pm »
I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.  A meme I saw yesterday, posted by a relative who is First Nations said "The fact that indigenuous people seek recognition and not revenge should tell you exactly which culture is the 'civilized' one".  Simplistic (as most memes are), but I think it does make the point that serving justice and getting along are simultaneously possible.

I guess i don't understand the complaint about angry rhetoric. I haven't seen anything from Indigenous people saying they don't want to find solutions, but they don't trust the government and institutions that brought us to this point and I can't say i blame them.

I don't agree 100% with GG all the time, but I think overall he presents a balanced view of the issue.  As a country, Canada does have some work to properly amend our past with First Nations, and that we do need to move on - together.   That is the message I most often hear from First Nations (though no doubt some would choose revenge over recognition) - they don't hold us, as in this generation, "responsible" for what our forebears did. But we, in this generation, must acknowledge what happened in the past, learn and understand how it has impacted First Nations over generations, and do what we can to mitigate that damage in the present.

Of course. But it takes some big brass balls to say "we need to come together to find solutions" while simultaneously scolding and tone-policing one side.

I think Canadians more than most are comfortable in their ignorance of what this country is really about so getting confronted with the reality that not everyone buys the nationalist Tim Horton's commercial version of who we are is jarring and makes people defensive. But the answer isn't for the people being confrontational to stand down, it's for the rest of us to wake the **** up.