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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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I never said for people to give up on land claims.  As I've said, justice should be served.

This week the statue of Ryerson at Ryerson University was toppled by protestors.  Behind the statue they spray-painted "Go Home!  Back where you came from. Me and my girls hate colonizers".  This kind of useless hatred is what I'm talking about.  Nobody is "going back home".  Canada has been colonized so we need to learn to live together while giving justice to those wronged.  Lots of #CancelCanadaDay hashtags are going around too, it's not productive, in fact its counter-productive and divisive.  You can celebrate your country while also condemning parts of its past or present.

I think you make more sense than not.  While I'm heartbroken about the kids that were found, I am also cognizant of the fact that at least, to some degree, the motives for the residential schools were 'good'.  Still, the government and church both failed miserably in their execution of this 'good intent'.  One can forgive ignorance, to a certain extent, but we weren't so barbarous at that point that people couldn't see the cruelty of dragging children from their parents or belief that beating children into submission was necessary.  Add to that the rampant sexual abuse that so many turned a blind eye to, the huge death toll of these kids, and the 'nutrition experiments' (link below) carried out on residential students between 1942 and 1952, and it's hard to belief that 'good intent' really was motivating the authorities.  It may have been a handy rationalization for people who felt a twinge of conscience, and looked good in the newspaper, but from here it looks like nothing more than virtue signalling.

I get angry when people deny just how devastating this was to First Nations; when they declare that these people should just get over it, that we did them a favor by bringing them into the "civilized" world, that we owe them nothing and their current circumstances - if they are poor, homeless or drug/alcohol addicted - is entirely of their own doing.

Apparently we were also involuntarily sterilizing First Nations women as late as 2018. - nutrition experiments