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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
« Reply #180 on: June 08, 2021, 03:07:49 pm »
What if it was your grandma’s brother who was buried in the yard of the school?  Would you just accept seeing a statue of the man responsible for the murder of your relatives?  Or would you maybe bust out the spray paint?

Huh?  I never commented on the statue being toppled. It was toppled by Antifa anarchists btw.  I commented on the hateful spraypaint, which isn't helpful, and is different than being angry.

Being angry because 215 dead kids were discovered is totally understandable, being angry because you want colonizers to "go home" and you hate them and you want to "cancel canada" is also understandable but isn't helping them or the situation.

I'm fine with removing the statue, even changing the university name, but it should be done by the university.  The vandals, who are largely antifa (the groups have posted it on twitter and FB), should be arrested and charged, and so should anyone responsible for abuse in the residential schools.
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