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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
« Reply #165 on: June 08, 2021, 02:23:24 pm »
I never said for people to give up on land claims.  As I've said, justice should be served.

This week the statue of Ryerson at Ryerson University was toppled by protestors.  Behind the statue they spray-painted "Go Home!  Back where you came from. Me and my girls hate colonizers".  This kind of useless hatred is what I'm talking about.  Nobody is "going back home".  Canada has been colonized so we need to learn to live together while giving justice to those wronged.  Lots of #CancelCanadaDay hashtags are going around too, it's not productive, in fact its counter-productive and divisive.  You can celebrate your country while also condemning parts of its past or present.

If Russia had taken over Canada, and your family was abused in Russian residential schools, would you be happy about celebrating Russia Day?  Or would you graffiti some statues of Stalin?
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