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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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Go tell it to people who are reliving all their pain in light of Kamloops.

It's completely legitimate to use that anger to compel attention and action by directing it where it's deserved namely the government of Canada and the Pope.  Andrew Coyne hit the nail on the head by also pointing out that cancelling the celebration of John A MacDonald is justified given that the residential school system he created is too big and enduring an evil to just 'let go of'. By all means keep the history but like the attempt to not glorify horrific crimes we should refuse any recognition of its architects and perpetrators. This is far more than just a mere dark chapter of Canada's history and I suspect Canada Day will feel a little strained and muted this year. It's a paid statutory holiday too isn't? Amazing.
As for the present, the Catholic Church is very likely burning its secret records as we speak, the government knows it, and so for me it's not just anger its outright un-abiding disgust with the systemic nature of how our most important institutions dodge accountability and how we never deal with that.  They simply don't deserve to exist.

As I said, I'm not saying don't demand accountability, and for those that lived it they will rightly feel pain and anger whenever new details are brought to light, and sometimes trauma never goes away.  People wronged deserve justice.  But your solution is f*** Canada as an institution in its entirety, which is totally illogical and not at all helpful, and in fact counter-productive and in many ways despicable.  Feel free to move to a country that doesn't have blood on its hands, it simply doesn't exist.  If it wasn't for Canada and Britain we might all be speaking German, and if it wasn't for Sir John we'd probably be saluting our POTUS Donald Trump the last 4 years, and all of this goes for aboriginals too.  Canada is filled with faults and triumphs like any country.

There are many people on the hard left like you that only sees the negatives in our society and governments, and are doing their best to destroy Western Civilization before our very eyes because of all this guilt and self-hatred they have.  I know this because I used to feel it too.  It's a cancer.  Just because something isn't perfect doesn't mean you have to destroy it, or that it also doesn't have positive aspects.  Taking down statues of Sir John is fine, but we need to be careful about the new narratives we create about our history because they can easily contain half-truths and crooked moralizing like the old false narratives we've been sold.
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