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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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That doesn't mean turning a blind eye to past wrongs and not demanding accountability, it just means not being stuck in the negative emotions about the past and moving on with our lives.  This goes for anything in life and it's how I try to live after learning the hard way.  Anyone may have been wronged at some point in their life, and it's very painful, but at some point you have to let go of that anger because it will tear you apart.
Go tell it to people who are reliving all their pain in light of Kamloops.

It's completely legitimate to use that anger to compel attention and action by directing it where it's deserved namely the government of Canada and the Pope.  Andrew Coyne hit the nail on the head by also pointing out that cancelling the celebration of John A MacDonald is justified given that the residential school system he created is too big and enduring an evil to just 'let go of'. By all means keep the history but like the attempt to not glorify horrific crimes we should refuse any recognition of its architects and perpetrators. This is far more than just a mere dark chapter of Canada's history and I suspect Canada Day will feel a little strained and muted this year. It's a paid statutory holiday too isn't? Amazing.
As for the present, the Catholic Church is very likely burning its secret records as we speak, the government knows it, and so for me it's not just anger its outright un-abiding disgust with the systemic nature of how our most important institutions dodge accountability and how we never deal with that.  They simply don't deserve to exist.