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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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It's more a matter of associating myself with my 1st Nations neighbours and recognizing their chiefs and and being thankful for welcoming me into their territory. I feel much more at home as a human being here than I do in Canada as a colonist.

Gorgeous Graham may be onto something with his suggestion that simply denouncing the government should morph into mutual denouncement for people who wish to opt out. Now that Canada's government has admitted it's genocide it will soon find itself being handed a bill for reconciliation the price of which may be so high on top of everything else that our taxes either go thru the roof or our services go in the toilet or both.  Soon you'll be demanding the Brits and the Pope pay their share too. 

The Brits and the Pope are responsible. I saw naathing worthy of Sergeant Shultz. You can identify as what you want, you canít change your biology or origins.
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