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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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Statues and tavern names and apologies and flags at half mast mean virtually nothing, just completely symbolic, doesn't change any material conditions of aboriginals in any way.

My honest opinion most aboriginals are straight effed.  If they stay where they live now they live in the boonies away from industry and jobs, there's little future in many of these places.  But if they move to the cities for jobs they'll just assimilate and lose their cultures.  There's no happy ending.

I've known lots of white small town backwoods riff-raff.  They're uneducated, a lot of them commit petty crimes like shoplifting, most don't have a lot of money, sometimes their teeth are disgusting because they don't go to the dentist, some don't take care of their property at all.  A lot of aboriginals on reserves are small town riff-raff even more isolated than most white riff-raff, plus the trauma of everything on top of that.  We can do a lot more to help them I think but at the end of the day it's spending money on isolated rural folk and most of them will remain fairly poor compared to most Canadians unless they move away and get into cities and bigger industries.
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