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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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Talk is cheap waldo, it doesn't matter what those Liberals said or did not say. they ignored the issue as well.

Liberal Prime Ministers: Pearson & Trudeau governing from 1963-1979

from the TRC final report itself:

The road to closure, 1969

In 1968, the federal government drastically restructured the residential school system by dividing the schools into residences and day schools, each with a principal or administrator. In June of the following year, the federal government took direct control over all the schools in southern Canada. Because churches were allowed to continue to appoint the residence administrators, their presence continued in many schools in the coming years. They were, however, no longer directly responsible for the facilities.
Having assumed control over the southern Canadian schools in 1969, the federal government commenced what would prove to be a protracted process of closing the system down. According to the Indian Affairs annual report for 196869, the department was responsible for sixty residences. Two years later, the number was down to forty-five.

Actions are what will count in the long run.

actions member wilber - actions?

according to the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper stymied the search for children who died throughout the over century-long existence of Indian residential schools: