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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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No, they clearly wanted to ethnically cleanse them by assimilating them.  I quoted JAM directly earlier saying exactly that.

I will concede it was the thing to do back then (they even wanted to assimilate French Canadians at some point) but don't kid yourself, it was NOT about helping anyone but themselves.

I don't see Macdonald saying he wants to ethnically cleanse them.  That means to remove natives physically from Canada.  His actions were essentially what we now call cultural genocide, for the supposed sake of their education/welfare.  He wanted to remove all Indian culture from the kids because he saw the parents and their native culture and way of life as savage.  This went on in many European colonies throughout the world, the "white man's burden" to "save" the heathen savages, many times led by Christian churches/missionaries.

Clearly many of the schools were run by racists and/or cruel people who didn't care much about their physical welfare either.  Macdonald was very likely a racist himself given his comments.
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