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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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Name one place in the world where their culture was disrupted and their lands were taken and I'll show you a place with cultural strife and resentment.  This type of anger stays for centuries in the psyche of the conquered. 

I'm not sure why the FN would be any different.

Name me one place in the world where their culture WASN'T disrupted and their lands taken. The entire history of the human species is one of constant migrations - often through violence. Every village, tribe, city-state, nation, empire or people expanded up until it met its neighbors, then fought to decide who survived and where the border was. I'm unaware of any case in history where they simply lived side by side forever without such fighting to decide who owned what. That includes the north American natives, and, for that matter, all the other natives in America.

England received successive waves of migrants, many violent. Its people are an amalgam of Celts, Swedes, Germans, Normans, and Romans, among others.
For that matter, one of the issues with settling tribal lands is that the natives fought each other, and multiple tribes claim the same land depending on who won when.

Let's deal with their culture. The average lifespan of the hunter/gatherer nomads and agrarian farmers here was 35. They had no science to speak of, and had made no progress towards further advanced civilization in a thousand years. In all likelihood, had we not arrived they'd still be at pretty much the same level of desperate hand-to-mouth existence in short, violent lives because there were no trainable animals in the Americas to ease their labour or make travel easier (ie horses, oxen). They didn't have time for culture since it was everything they could do to get food. So let's not pretend that had the 'colonists' not showed up life here would be the garden of eden. It was nothing like that for natives.
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