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Re: Canadian-Aboriginal Culture
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We missed this year but every June we have been spending a couple of weeks at the Nk'Mip campsite just below the cultural centre, enjoying the lake and stocking up on the region's wine. Everything is well run and clean. The band is the biggest employer in the area and hires people of all races. The first time we checked in and were greeted by a Brit was a bit of a surprise. She has now been there for several years.

 For me the most striking thing about my trip there was meeting the native teenagers who were the hosts and dancers and guides at the Desert Cultural Center.  They radiated a tangible sense of pride and purpose.  Teenagers of all races and backgrounds would be lucky to be as poised and confident. You hear about troubled native youth... the young people working at the cultural center are the exact opposite.  Whatever they're doing at Osoyoos, they must be doing it right.

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