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Re: Canada gunz
« Reply #285 on: December 10, 2022, 02:44:41 pm »
The Trudeau regime is getting quite authoritarian.

c'mon Shady! How are you not aware of the most basic workings of the HOC practice & procedures? ... most notably the one your linked video references showing Raquel Dancho (the CPC Shadow Minister for Public Safety) whining about her expulsion from the HOC. That she is surrounded by other noddingHead CPC MPs is gold, real gold! Of course what you stoopidly don't recognize/understand is that her expulsion from the HOC was as a result of a ruling by the Speaker. Dancho went against Parliamentary practice and explicitly called another Parliamentarian a liar. The Speaker gave her the opportunity to withdraw her statement/claim (which she did) and to apologize (which she refused to do - hence the expulsion).