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Re: Canada gunz
« Reply #285 on: February 08, 2023, 02:14:23 am »
After consultation, Trudeau rolled back much of his proposed legislation? Fascist Dictator!

Yes, that is the spin now. "We have heard your concerns!"  Carlo Cappuccino goes on his trip to Whitehorse, has his vision-quest moment in the woods with some hunters, and suddenly all has become clear to him.

Let us not forget that the Liberals spent over a month accusing everybody who criticized the amendments of spreading misinformation.  They only started listening last week when the NDP indicated that they were going to pull the plug on C-21 over the amendments.

I would only give the Liberals credit for consulting with the NDP. I would give credit to the NDP for listening to their constituents and using their power in the minority government to pull the plug on amendments G-4 and G-46.

When asked about NDP and BQ opposition to the bill, Super Justin said, essentially, that he expected the NDP and BQ to support it because it's a progressive bill and they're progressive parties. But as I mentioned earlier in the thread, the BQ and NDP (unlike the Liberals) do need to hold on to their rural seats to maintain their relevance in Parliament.  Perhaps he thought he was putting them between a rock and a hard place and that they'd knuckle under.  They didn't.

It's really incredible how badly the Liberals screwed up this bill.  They took a bill that had multi-party support and broad public support, and added two amendments that were so bad that even their own backbenchers spoke out against it.  To unite the CPC, NDP, BQ, backbench Liberal MPs, and the Assembly of First Nations against your bill is a feat of astounding incompetence.

I do believe this is a win-win, though (for everybody except for PolySeSouvient, at least).  The NDP and BQ can point to this as being proof that they still have some clout in the minority government.  The CPC were the main opponents of the bill from square one, so obviously this is a win for them.  For the Liberals at least they can spin this as "we are listening to all Canadians!" and it lets their rural MPs save face with their constituents.

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