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Re: Canada gunz
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The 5 Liberals on the committee attempting to block additional consultation is discussed here. You can find text of the article online if you don't wish to subscribe.

Opposition MPs yesterday voted 6 to 5 to block attempts to rush the bill through the Commons public safety committee: “We’re going to hold this legislation back until April at the earliest.

oh please! Surely, even you, isn't dumb enough to fork-out ~$130 for a subscription to that rag Blacklock's... surely not even you. But hey now! The waldo calls bullshyte. You claim there is, "text of the article online" - yet somehow you don't quote from it... you don't cite reference it! Wait now, is it cause claimed online text can be found on one of your gunner sites? Is that it - you're afraid to link/quote from one of your gunner sites?

in any case, there are 6 Liberals on that committee and meeting minutes/evidence is published online. If you'd like to try to save face here, state which meeting your imagined vote occurred in. What's blindingly clear is the four Conservatives on that committee wanted to delay the bill well into next year by calling for 20 additional meetings and a related Canada-wide travelpalooza.

again: Quit misinforming kimmy! There is no final list - no final list has been formulated... where stakeholder/public consultation and feedback will be factored in realizing that final list.

Quote from: Minister of Public Safety of Canada, Marco Mendicino
The bill is still being considered at committee and hasn't been finalized. The banning of hunting models would be a "red line" for the government. We're not going after guns that are commonly used for hunting. We are after the guns that exert the most lethal force in the shortest period of time.