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Re: Canada gunz
« Reply #285 on: January 02, 2023, 01:40:43 pm »
the waldo double dog dares you to spin the CPC misinformation efforts in regards the list of banned "hunting rifles"... where no final list has been formulated... where stakeholder/public consultation and feedback will be factored in realizing the final list. Double dog dare ya, hey!

In the last week of hearings, the C-21 committee voted 6-5 to do more public consultation, and notably to do some hearings in places they somehow forgot to visit last summer. While Moronico boasted that "we went coast to coast to talk to Canadians!" about C-21, he means coast-to-coast in only the most literal sense-- they did a hearing on the East coast in Fredricton, flew to the west coast for a hearing on the West coast in Vancouver, and the remainder of the hearings as far as I am aware of were in Montreal and Toronto.

Important to note that all 6 votes in favor of more public consultation came from the CPC, NDP, and BQ members of the committee. All 5 Liberals on the committee voted against more public hearings, with house-flipping enthusiast Taleeb Noormohamed complaining that it would take too long.

While Marco Moronico says "we're listening to Canadians!" and "we're taking time to get this right!" in the Commons, the Liberal members of the committee voted for the exact opposite. Marco can say whatever he likes, but their actions in the committee prove he's a liar.

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