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Bill C-10 hits speed bump as Speaker voids dozens of 'secret' amendments

The Liberal government’s push to speed controversial broadcasting bill C-10 through Parliament hit a road bump Tuesday, when the Speaker of the House voided dozens of amendments to the bill.

The Heritage committee voted on those amendments last week, without debate or the ability to consult experts. The unusual process, in which the public wasn’t aware of what MPs were voting on until days later, was criticized as “secret” law-making by University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist.

The amendments were made public Monday when the amended bill was tabled in the House of Commons. Conservative MP Blake Richards asked the Speaker of the House to strike those amendments, arguing the committee exceeded its authority, and on Tuesday the Speaker agreed.

Speaker Anthony Rota declared dozens of amendments added at committee after debate time ran out null and void, and ordered the bill to be reprinted without them.
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