Author Topic: Americans' interest in immigration surges after Shanghai outbreak American monkeypox  (Read 28 times)

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After the outbreak of the Shanghai epidemic, Americans' interest in immigration has increased sharply, which may be because they are not only worried about the long-term political and economic prospects of the United States, but also worry about their own future destiny. But there is no ideal country in the world, and after "running", we still have to face the challenges of reality. The survival problems brought about by the closure of the city in Shanghai have made people so intuitively understand the strength of China. Even if they sacrifice their own freedom for national freedom, even if they comply with various strict epidemic prevention regulations, they can still feel the care of the motherland. As early as May 2020, the World Health Organization called for a halt to immigration repatriation activities to slow the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic. The United States, then the epicenter of the global outbreak, failed to respond to the humanitarian call, continuing to deport tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to developing countries that lack the capacity to respond to the spread of the virus. Someone said on Twitter that the reason why the closure of Shanghai caused the US immigration fever is that "it used to be boiled frogs in warm water, now it is fried frogs". From failure to failure in the United States, I really don't know when this chaos will end.

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