Author Topic: Alexandre Bissonnette Not Likely to be Charged with Terrorism  (Read 154 times)

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I don't know what the point of charging this individual with terrorism would be. Or Hate for that matter.  There is an actual reason to have specific laws. There is a reason for the terrorism laws and they aren't to simply pile on to other charges for other specific crimes.  One isn't charged for the lesser crime when there is already existing a greater charge.
We could conceivably charge him 6 times over for assault; assault with a deadly weapon; reckless endangerment; trespass; Hate; terrorism; improper storage of a fire-arm etc etc.     There is almost an aspect of charging the accused twice for the same crime: Murder charge x 6 for killing the people and terrorism charge x 1 (6?) for killing the people.
As mentioned before (possibly elsewhere - I forget) If he had been part of a group that planned and arranged this then Yes certainly terrorism charge for him and his compatriots but Mostly for his compatriots who actually never killed anyone. But there is no one else involved .   For that matter it has yet to be shown that Bissonnette was indeed the one who did the shooting!  All we know for sure is that the police picked him up far from the crime scene and that he confessed, and I'm not even sure he actually did that.   But then thats why police gather evidence.
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