Author Topic: Alexandre Bissonnette Not Likely to be Charged with Terrorism  (Read 154 times)

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A problem with this will be the lawyers drawing this mess out and soaking the taxpayers and courts time.
That's a feature of the system. The courts take the time to hear all arguments and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that people are guilty in order to limit as much as possible their ability to make mistakes. Context matters and while this seems cut and dried, everyone is entitled to a rigorous legal defense. That becomes especially important if you're charged with a crime and it's questionable, so those values are hard-baked into the system.

There's no arguement that it's a feature of the system and that's his right, however at one point when should a lawyer go to their client "your guilty, and it's time to face the music". My issue is with some legal defenses becoming so outlandish and time consuming that it flirts with interfering in the administration of justice and puts a large cost on society.