Author Topic: Alexandre Bissonnette Not Likely to be Charged with Terrorism  (Read 154 times)

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Do you think that charging Bissonnette with murder and attempted murder is enough?  Should this act have even been called terrorism?

There is no substantial difference between this act and the one a couple of years ago in Ottawa where Corporal Nathan Cirillo was killed. That act was clearly called terrorism, and so should this one. The question of terrorism charges is a different issue for the crown prosecutor to decide. I believe there have only been 4 convictions (cases, not people) of terrorism charges, and I don't think any of them involved murder. The Ottawa case never made it to court because the offender was killed. If the offender is convicted of multiple counts of murder here, will terrorism charges put him away any longer? The prosecutor may decide that the extra burden of trying to prove terrorism may take away from the effort to get the murder charges.