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Re: Alberta poll
« Reply #15 on: November 07, 2019, 10:14:33 am »
Jason Kenney's choices: Prop up the failing oil industry or create and sustain other jobs?
"*PLEASE READ* This is a picture of me in 2012 freshly out of Wildfire Rappel training on my first day suited up beside the helicopter. I devoted 4 years to protecting our province, itís communities, resources, and watersheds from that day. I cannot put into words what this program meant to me and so many others. Being a Rappel firefighter changed my life, it showed me direction, it taught me work ethic, it shaped my character, it provided me with timeless friendships. Yesterday the Government of Alberta dismantled the program in its entirety. 40 years burnt down as quickly as a wildfire sweeps through a dry forest. I hope all first responders take this as a wake up call and stand up for their jobs and their rights. This is only the beginning. This province now has less firefighters to protect those remote communities. @jkenney"

Wth?! Getting rid of other good jobs, while still pouring money into the sinking ship of the oil industry?
Oil is going down, and Jason Kenney is taking Alberta down with it.

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