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Re: Addressing climate change
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Canada will never be able to rely on solar because there isn't enough sun in the winter.  Wind i'm not sure but it also isn't reliable on its own (sometimes its not windy, and it gets much less windy at night), and would need a steady supporting energy source to supply a baseload.  Hydro and nuclear would be the only ones that don't emit GHG that I can think of, maybe geothermal too.

For me the environmental risk of more GHG is much higher than that of nuclear so countries should consider it.  Spent uranium could be buried a long way under the ground.  Biggest worry is probably the risk of potential reactor malfunction or terrorism, but there's tons of nuclear plants out there including 6 in Canada without problems.

Then again I'm no expert whatsoever.  We should hand these problems to scientists and engineers instead of making it so political because the PR of doing things that are unpopular aren't always the correct decisions because most people, including myself, generally have no expertise on any of this.  The average person's abaility to even educate themselves is very difficult because most of the sources of info on energy are from oil companies, renewable energy companies, or environmental activists.  In other words, everyone has a conflict of interest.
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