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Re: Addressing climate change
« Reply #330 on: September 03, 2021, 04:18:38 pm »
1. You are incapable of spotting fake glee.
2. Nothing like that.  I'm tacitly cutting down the 'Trudeau's Carbon Tax is a burden' meme.  It is not.  Is it an effective program ?  To be seen.  Is it better than O'Toole's ?  Yes.

What's O'Toole's policy you're basing this assessment on?

But yeah, the carbon tax is actually net profitable to people it seems!  Trudeau expects that he can buy the votes of Canadians by doing these kinds of things.  He is so selfish and corrupt that he is perfectly willing to ruin Canada's fiscally strong debt position that he inherited in order to buy people's votes in an attempt to secure his own job and power.  A patriot is someone who doesn't compromise the interests of their country for their own self-serving interests.  And to be fair, any Canadian whose votes  can be bought in this fashion is no less corrupt, self-serving, and unpatriotic than a crooked politician whose votes can be bought off by corporate lobbyists.

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