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Re: Addressing climate change
« Reply #300 on: March 27, 2020, 12:20:07 pm »
Oil Price Crash Opens A Window Of Opportunity For Renewables

Just a month ago, companies and investors had a financial incentive to continue investing in new oil and gas projects despite the societal and environmentalist backlash against fossil fuels.    Not anymore.

In just a couple of weeks, the oil price crash made investments in renewable energy starting to look more attractive. Or at least as attractive as investment in oil and gas.
At $35 oil, however, the average IRR for oil and gas projects slumps to the renewables return range—5 to 10 percent, according to Wood Mackenzie.
Unfortunate as this is for Big Oil’s just-announced pledges to curb emissions and invest more in alternative energies ... "Even if Big Oil stopped investing in renewables altogether, that would have a minor impact on growth.”

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