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Re: Addressing climate change
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Wilber didn't say it wouldn't have good aerodynamics.   He is looking at it and questioning its functionality. 

Also, if you're towing a trailer that has a flat front, of course it will severely affect the aerodynamic efficiency.   ::)

Yes, a tall trailer will drastically drop your aerodynamic efficiency. That is completely true for all vehicles. What percentage of your driving involves hauling such a trailer? Contractors do that a lot, but then they usually drive a very short distance at relatively low speed (aerodynamic efficiency is exponentially related to speed). If you are hauling around a super sized fifth wheel all the time or large horse trailer, then this is probably not the truck for you.

Functionality all depends on what you what to do with the thing. The market for pickups is huge, and only a small segment of that needs to carry 6000lbs, or tow a 25,000lb fifth wheel.