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Re: Addressing climate change
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It doesn't have a cargo capacity to hold very much.  Nobody will buy a truck with a super small cargo bed unless they just want to look cool and hip, regardless of fuel efficiency.

Where do you get that idea. The vast majority of pickup trucks have 6 beds, the exact same as the Tesla. Some are smaller, and some are larger, but today most people opt for a club or crew cab and a 6 bed. It was not that case 40 years ago, but today people want to drag along the construction crew and/or family instead. I expect, just like every other manufacturer, if you want to carry long things like plywood or drywall, you drop the tailgate. The bigger issue is the load capacity, and here the Tesla is above most pickups. Yes there are things like the Ford Super Duty, and the Ram 3500's that can do more, but those are the exception.