Author Topic: Addressing climate change  (Read 8225 times)

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Re: Addressing climate change
« Reply #255 on: November 28, 2019, 12:58:03 pm »
Not sure what exactly your point is.

Even if much of the Tesla pickup is non-standard, many of the people using the truck probably wouldn't care.... stuff gets stuck in the back of the truck in an almost random/3-d Tetris way. They don't need to worry about specific bed rails.

I know many people won't care, they will probably sell like hotcakes, just not many to people who have real needs for a truck. I was responding to a post that claimed some people just don't like change when I said the F150 EV will look like a regular truck. It isn't about change, many things look the way they do for a reason.

There is room for real aerodynamic improvements in existing trucks so the front end of the Tesla doesn't really bother me, just the back.

If you are towing something, your aerodynamics can be no better than what you are towing. Probably worse.
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