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Re: Addressing climate change
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Great visibility from inside.

The air suspension allows you to tilt front up, and back down to make it easier to load; your picture demonstrates there is a ramp built into the tailgate. Great for carrying ATV's, motorbikes, etc. There is also a charging port in the bed to recharge your Tesla ATV (what is shown, but no details were given). If I remember correctly it can provide both 110V and 220V power for whatever you need so you can charge you generic e-bikes as well.

Yes, it take some getting used to because it is a dramatic change from the status quo. Do you want legacy, or aerodynamic. Those extended sides on the bed improve efficiency as well, but yes they may get in the way depending on how you want to load it. There is a cover for the bed that in your picture is rolled up out of the way.

Yes, change is hard for some.

It has some neat ideas and yes aerodynamics are more important for EV's. It looks like rear seat headroom will be an issue with this thing. Truck stying may change but their general shape looks like it does for a reason, they are practical vehicles. I can see this thing going over great with suburban yuppies but not people who use trucks for work and recreation. They need things like flat bed rails so they can use a canopy, camper or racks to carry more than one snow machine or motorcycle. The single quad may look catchy in the back of that thing but its shape restricts its utility.
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