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Re: Addressing climate change
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Tesla model X. 2" towing receiver, 7-pin connector, 5000lb rating. Range is over 500km, but yes that will be cut back when towing and on logging roads. That still however gives you lots headroom as you are only looking for under 200. Ground clearance may be an issue. Depending on how you set the suspension, and wheel size it can be anywhere between 5.3" to 8". Not sure what you mean by "logging road", that is not very descriptive and I have see all kinds including all kinds.

The Model X and itís AWD system is designed for superior on road performance like most AWD vehicles, it is as likely to be used off road as your average Mercedes SUV. Towing any serious load will cut its range in half and what happens when you get out in the bush, you wonít find charging stations and you canít throw a few jerry cans of diesel or gas in the back to get you home. Evís wonít be suitable for all uses.
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