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Re: Addressing climate change
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Think about it. Who sells a car that's a few years old? They usually have some kind of problem or have a lot of mileage on them. My wife puts nearly 50000 kms on her car every year for work. She can't get into a used vehicle because she would be flipping them over too frequently. And even though sometimes they come with a warranty, those warranties are far shorter and cover fewer things than a new car warranty. In her case, it makes more sense economically to buy a new vehicle every 6-8 years than buying a used one every 2 or 3.

A lot of people Lease cars. Essentially they're just renting those cars for four years and that comes with a mileage limit. So a smart consumer can easily find four-year-old cars with 60-80ks for half price of a new car.

The other avenue, which is less advisable, is buying a former rental. These cars are less than two years old but have already racked up sizeable mileage for the age. But that's a way to get a new-ish car for lower price.

None of this applies for EVs and PHEVs because they're too new to the market. But you can certainly get a good used Conventional Hybrid on the used car market. 

Oh and used car warranties are absolute scams.