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Re: Addressing climate change
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First Nations with experience in oil and gas are not using sustainable economies. Find me some indigenous communities in Canada that have successful  economies that are also environmentally sustainable.  I doubt any exist, and if they do, are extremely rare.

It's the truth.  I'm sure you and your family wouldn't like to live like the vast majority of First Nations communities do either.

You're in no position to lecture anyone about manners.

Facts aren't bigoted, but is sometimes uncomfortable, we shouldn't sugarcoat the truth for the PC police. Sure there are successful indigenous business people, but that's a strawman as i'm not talking about individuals i'm talking about communities.  Show me all of these many economically successful indigenous communities that are environmentally sustainable.

Indigenous Peoples struggle under burdens that our governments and society have placed on them. What you refer to is the First Nations societies that WE have created through destruction. I see no acknowledgement of that in your denigrating post of drive-by smears. It isn't "fact": You haven't provided facts, just your opinions that seem quite uninformed, biased and dismissive to me.
 First Nations governments, Elected Band Councils, are Canada's governments, forcibly imposed on Indigenous Peoples in the 1920's.

The article posted is referring to traditional Indigenous knowledge of Mother Earth. For example, there is a reason that our Treaties allow us to live on/use the land "to a plough's depth": Because disturbing the earth, disrupting the earth's systems, is dangerous to humans and destructive to the earth that sustains us.

In addition to genocide, we have destroyed the environment that sustained Indigenous Peoples:
- Killed all the buffalo so they couldn't live off them anymore ... and so they wouldn't interfere with the railway and farming.
- Clearcut the forests ... "The trees are gone, the animals are gone, the geese don't come anymore."
- Contaminated the watersheds with mining, oil, gas, etc., so they can't even drink the water or eat the fish.
- Contaminated land and water with livestock/farming chemicals and depleted the soil with over-use.

We like to think of the North as clean and pristine, but the reality is that there are few northern communities that are not polluted in some way by the unsustainable, destructive resource-based economy that we have imposed in Canada, that make it unlikely that for Indigenous people and ourselves to live off the land.

Now ... we have to seek a balance of taking from the earth and giving back, and Traditional Indigenous knowledge, based in thousands of years of living sustainably, is a good source of information to assist with that.

The earth is not a static blob of matter, but living systems: Coal is the liver of the earth, collecting impurities and toxins. Digging coal is disrupting the ability of the earth to cleanse itself. Burning toxic coal is poisoning ourselves and the land, spreading those toxins throughout the air, soil and waters ... and depleting the coal that would cleanse it.
Etc, for gold, silver, gems, oil, gas  ... all serve a purpose in sustaining the earth's systems so that the earth can sustain itself and human life.

There are many delicate balances in nature that we have ignored, while scrabbling for the 'easy money' by simply cutting/digging/drilling out and selling the earth's valuable commodities ... 'chewing off our own arms' ... making the earth uninhabitable for future generations.

Traditional Indigenous knowledge is far ahead of us. They are proved right over and over again, in hindsight. We are wise to collaborate with them in planning for a future sustainable economy.

Considering Aboriginal traditional knowledge in environmental assessments conducted under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act -- Interim Principles
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