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Re: Addressing climate change
« Reply #120 on: May 28, 2019, 09:04:32 pm »
For sure. Renewables have a lot of room to grow, and will in leaps and bounds.
Currently only at 2.2%.

And we have to wind down nuclear too.
And there's the damming issue with hydro power, counted as a renewable, but iffy.

And transmission.

We have challenges.
But I believe scientists love challenges.
And capitalists will follow the money as investment shifts.

lol, this is exactly the problem the world has, dummies who have a vote but dont have ANY knowledge of science.  O sure they vote left wing so they presume its they who are scientific and everybody else is the troglodyte.

Here is how you solve climate change, you cant.

Here is how you do your best to reduce CO2 emissions in the real world, where science and technology have real limits, where the laws of thermodynamics apply and energy isn't easily obtained by hoping the sun shines.

A MASSIVE investment in nuclear technology, investing huge amounts in developing more efficient and safer Nuclear tech, completely ignoring anyone who even dares have an eco nut opinion on the subject, there is no other sustainable and feasible tech that can sustain our demands.  Now you go ahead and believe any loony tunes thing you like, because that's your right, but you are actually the problem, were it not for people like you and the anti science left nuclear tech would be farther along, and more widespread, but what we have is the opposite where politicians have run away from it because know nothings demanded they do so.

Or we can simply accept that we wont stop global warming and just prepare for the consequences, o but i know, its just a simple matter of dotting the landscape with wind turbines and solar panels.  You really don't know anything about the subject, and there are soooo many of you, you exist in a dream world.

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