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Re: Addressing climate change
« Reply #120 on: May 28, 2019, 10:35:03 am »
So please tell me what the difference is between your belief that zero emission technology is economically viaable and my belief that adaptation is a more cost effect way to deal with the consequences of CO2 emissions? I can at least support my view by looking at the costs of various technology options today and extrapolating a bit to take into account incremental improvements. Your view that future tech will magically solve all of the problems has no basis other than blind faith.
Keep in mind that one of the problems of the whole "Don't worry about CO2/global warming, just pay to adapt" is that not all the problems with global warming are happening with people who can afford to pay for the change.

So, here in Canada we have money. We can crank up the air conditioners if it gets hot. Build stronger levees to prevent flooding that might occur with climate change. But what about the people in (for example) sub-saharan Africa? They don't have the same financial resources to handle climate change as we do here in Canada.

Another problem is that sometimes adaptations simply won't work. So, you mess up the climate and can't grow food as well in places like the Holland marsh, or on the prairies... You can't just move that food production to another area where the (now warmer) client has a better growing season because the soil likely isn't appropriate.

Plus, the costs of dealing with global warming/climate change are often rather... sneaky. Take for example the cost of dealing with invasive species. Or the human health risks from things like the spread of the Zika virus. Those problems will become larger as the temperature goes up, but you won't often find those costs on a balance sheet when you do any sort of comparison.

I'm not necessarily saying we need to immediately stop all fossil fuel usage. Its going to take a little time for our technology and economy to adapt to changes. But in the long run, we will be better off if we limit the use of fossil fuels than if we don't.