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Re: Addressing climate change
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Concerning the whole sail discussion, a couple of important points to consider:

Yes, it might have taken 6 weeks or more to cross the Atlantic by sail a century ago but modern sailboats are not the same as the ones your great-great grandpappy sailed. Most modern monohulls cross in less than 4 weeks, and catamarans in about 2. There have been crossings in less than a week, but those are by racing crews.

It is starting to become more common to have electric motors on sail craft for marina and backup purposes instead of diesel. Yes there might be a diesel generator backup for these, but an ever increasing amount of the energy comes from solar, wind and hydro sources. In fact many of the electric motors double as generators when under sail. A much more recent innovation is having solar cells built into the sails themselves, giving a large collection area. I have only seen this on some experimental craft, but the promise is there.

Talking about electric boats, I am aware of at least one that has circumnavigated the world entirely on solar power. There is another that has traveled a much longer total distance, but so far it has been mostly around Europe, Africa, and the middle east.