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Re: Addressing climate change
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Now, it may sound rather backwards to think that solar and wind are more 'dangerous' than nuclear. But the problem is, those forms of energy still lead to accidents (during the mining of raw materials, during construction, etc.) Nuclear energy has the potential to cause significant problems if something goes wrong, but nuclear plants also produce a lot of power, and you need a heck of a lot of windmills or solar panels to replace one nuclear plant.
Ya, It's backwards. Solar and wind are not as dangerous as nuclear power.

Tell us how dangerous it is:
- mining for uranium
- constructing nuclear reactors
- living near them
- 'disposing' of uranium ... ok, that isn't even possible so ... 'containing' used uranium underground in Kincardine ON, right next to a Great Lake.
Currently estimated to cost a total of $2.4 billion over a planned 50-year operational cycle, the project calls for a bunker to be built at the Bruce nuclear power plant near Kincardine, Ont. Hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of low and intermediate radioactive waste -- not spent fuel bundles but still toxic for centuries -- would be buried 680 metres deep rather than stored above ground at the site as now happens.
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