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Re: Addressing climate change
« Reply #30 on: May 25, 2019, 10:15:20 pm »
Being a electrician does not mean you have any knowledge of how the grid works and your response proves it. In your example, the homeowner with solar panels still expects to get 100% of their needs from the grid so the grid has to build the capacity needed to supply those needs even if solar reduces demand on most days. This redundant capacity costs money - money that only has to be spent because renewables are used which means this cost has to be included in the cost of renewables.

We see a similar effect with water bills in Vancouver. Even if you use no water you still have to pay a large sum for the privilege of connecting to the water system. This is because someone has to pay for the system even if it is not used.

It seems you still don't understand well. The homeowner with solar cells reduces their costs when those panels are producing power so they get much less than 100% from the grid when the sun shines bright. So the redundant capacity actually saves money.
 And I pay a minor fee to be connected to the water system and then there's this little meter thingy that charges me for how much I use.