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Re: Addressing climate change
« on: May 18, 2019, 07:54:34 pm »
The problem i see with fossil fuels is that once we start going to non-fossil fuel sources, the supply of fossil fuels will stay the same but as the demand decreases, so will the price. Price of course = supply + demand.

If ie: oil becomes cheaper, that may mean it will continue to compete with EVs even if EV technology continues to drop in price.

As an aside, I am seeing more and more Tesla's on the road.  I actually sat in a couple, it was neat but didn't like the dash, which was non-existent, all of your typical dash gauges are on a large tablet in the middle console, which is less convenient since you have to turn your head:

The doors on some models also open like a Delorean.  Seems the Teslas are going for different for different's sake, kind of gimmicky. Since the car doesn't have an engine you also get a small trunk under the hood for storage in the freed up space, which is nice.  No engine means no oil changes, which is a nice savings of $60-80 a year.

Not only are EV's already cheaper/more efficient to operate than gas powered cars, look at the potential for maintenance savings when you think about the far fewer moving parts that make up an electric motor compared to pistons.  A Tesla Model S has fewer than 150 moving parts, including the drive train, windows, controls, suspension and doors. A typical internal combustion engine car has about 10,000. Agreed up front cars are currently higher sticker price but will drop as more people switch, and of course you don't have to buy a Tesla just like you don't have to buy a Cadillac.
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