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Re: Addressing climate change
« on: May 18, 2019, 07:37:02 pm »
The problem i see with fossil fuels is that once we start going to non-fossil fuel sources, the supply of fossil fuels will stay the same but as the demand decreases, so will the price. Price of course = supply + demand.

If ie: oil becomes cheaper, that may mean it will continue to compete with EVs even if EV technology continues to drop in price.

As an aside, I am seeing more and more Tesla's on the road.  I actually sat in a couple, it was neat but didn't like the dash, which was non-existent, all of your typical dash gauges are on a large tablet in the middle console, which is less convenient since you have to turn your head:

The doors on some models also open like a Delorean.  Seems the Teslas are going for different for different's sake, kind of gimmicky. Since the car doesn't have an engine you also get a small trunk under the hood for storage in the freed up space, which is nice.  No engine means no oil changes, which is a nice savings of $60-80 a year.
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